Monday, March 7, 2016

Hello! Parents and Guardians

 Welcome to my classroom learning city

My teaching philosophy is based on my past experience as a student and as a para-educator at various schools in Thurston county. The key components of teaching philosophy are explained below.

    1.Citizenship. I have always believed that we as teachers are to teach the whole person. We need to teach them to think for themselves, how to treat others and be an overall benefit to society.
    1. Safe Environment: I wish to instill in my students that are no failures. I want them to learn that the only one may fail in any way is to never try. By making mistakes we learn.
    1. Tolerance. As teachers and as human beings I know that it is almost impossible to ignore the fact that in our society there are different races, religions, and class standings. It is my theory that instead of teaching students to ignore these distinctions we should funnel them in the right direction. By making children aware of all the diversity around them, they can start to learn from their fellow students as well as the teacher.
    4.  Empowerment. A key component of my teaching philosophy is to motivate students to learn. I believe that every child is endowed with ability to succeed in general education if they are willing to spend the time on it.

    1. Lastly, I plan to reach all my students by incorporating lesson plans that can reach kinesthetic, visual ,and auditory learners

      Ms. Martha Preston 

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    1. This letter was to be part of the Personal Classroom Management Plan, not this assignment.