General Classroom Management


Urban teachers' professed classroom management strategies: Reflections of culturally responsive teaching

The New Teacher Toolbox

Classroom discipline & management

A longitudinal study of teacher burnout and perceived self-efficacy in classroom management


New Teacher Set-Up Guide This resource was created to help new teachers set up there classroom with the least amount of stress. The guide shows teachers how to  physically arrange the classroom to reflect one's views on student participation. It also gives several tips on creating bulletin boards. Lastly it has details on how to create centers and how store extra materials.

 Classroom Management: A California Resource Guide
Even though this resource was originally created for the state of California I think the modules are transferable.This is made of several modules that help new teachers establish classroom rules and other management strategies.

Classroom Management Teaching Resources

 This has seating arrangements, whole class management. Alot of printable

My classroom economy IMPORTANT

This has a detailed program that helps a new teacher set up a classroom economy. It has free resources and can be incorporated into classroom management and rules. 

Each Job has its own poster
Letter sample are available to send to parent and administration

Color-Coding the Classroom this teaches new teacher to organize thier classroom and subjects according to color! VERY useful

Keep organized with color coding
this tool is has color coding but it also shows how  you can separate by the days of the week

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