Classroom Norms


            If I am being completely honest before this class I was even sure what classroom or school even were. According to Edutopia  there are three different types of norms. The first deals with morals and helping fellow classmates. The second kind of norm deals with health and safety. The last kind of norm is discretionary and a little more individual based. Unlike Rules and routines which are used mostly within a single classroom, norms can be used schoolwide by multiple classrooms and teachers ( Finley, T. ,2014).


Establishing Classroom Norms & Expectations

30 Classroom Procedures to Head Off Behavior Problems This resource has several examples of classroom procedures that can be used within the classroom.

Classroom norms

The Science Behind Classroom Norming


Setting Norms with Your Students


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Smith, M. S., Hillen, A. F., & Catania, C. L. (2007). Using pattern tasks to develop mathematical understandings and set classroom norms. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 13(1), 38.

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